Liberation Breathing® is founded on Rebirthing. This conscious connected breath can bring us fully present into our bodies. If the cells awaken then the mind and body become one and the soul can reveal itself more easily. Sondra & Markus Ray

Jane Mnoian


Your J.O.L.A.L. Program

A Program of Healing & Empowerment

Jane designs a program that utilizes all her tools that enables you to heal and empower yourself,a handbook is given and Jane holds you accountable during the process.

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Start Living Life to It's Fullest Potential

Jane offers customized services to individuals and corporate companies which include 1-1 treatments, group workshops, public speaking and seminars such as:

  • Liberation Breathing
  • Reiki
  • J.O.L.A.L. Empowerment Programs
  • Corporate Seminars & Public Speaking

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