Studying with many teachers throughout the years, and through decades of personal study, Jane finally found her life teachers in Sondra and Marcus Ray . Jane’s extraordinary interest in the inner person and in self-healing, discovered early in her childhood, would later become her life’s work. Today, her mission is to help individuals and groups learn strategies to overcome emotional and psychological barriers in their daily lives that prevent them from living their life’s dream.

Born in Great Snoring, England, Jane attended the Norfolk College of Arts in Norfolk, England. She has lived in three different countries and has traveled extensively. Jane has lectured throughout Europe and the United States, emphasizing the power each of us possesses to heal ourselves and live our dreams.

Jane is based in Los Angeles, California, and works with celebrities, corporate executive officers, lawyers, actors, television personalities, and publicists; she also assists doctors and therapists with their patients medical and psychological needs. Jane has appeared on television and radio programs, and her work has been included in Academy Awards presentations as well as in Grammy and Emmy Award shows. With a focus on love, compassion, and truth,

Jane helps individuals uncover the root causes of their problems and release distressing or uncomfortable life events to allow them to participate fully and positively in their lives .I work from My heart with the knowledge I’ve developed over the years of my own healing and self empowerment. It is a gift that I am so happy to share with you. It has the ability to get to the core quickly and effectively with the highest healing potential and greatest rewards.

Jane is a certified LIBERATION BREATHING PRACTITIONER, KARUNA REIKI MASTER and also uses her own program she’s developed .

Her mission statement is to help and empower others to achieve their life’s purpose by healing the past and creating the future.

Jane is a member of the International Breathwork foundation and also a professional member of the International association of reiki professionals.


Jane Mnoian

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