Liberation Breathing® is founded on Rebirthing. This conscious connected breath can bring us fully present into our bodies. If the cells awaken then the mind and body become one and the soul can reveal itself more easily.

Liberation Breathing® is a modern way of taking in more Life Force. It is easy and simple. It is the quickest way I know to clear you of your negative thoughts and memories that are consciously and unconsciously limiting your life. A well trained practitioner of Liberation Breathing® can save you years of struggle… and bring you to decisions that will alter your life always for the better… liberating you from the past. Through Liberation Breathing® you can reclaim your power to be the ruler of your destiny. No longer will any circumstances be “beyond your control”, as you invite the Divine into your life to forgive and erase the past, and inspire you to be your Self.

Liberation Breathing® recognizes the power of your breath to transform you, and brings a new awareness of your true Identity. Yoga masters knew from ancient times the breath as the most essential part of human life, connecting us to the Life Energy behind all matter. They called this energy Prana. Liberation Breathing® is a modern day version of Pranic breathing that gets you in touch with who you are, free of problems and the cause and effects of Karma.

Private Sessions

Every session with a Liberation Breathing® Facilitator involves a consultation and breath session. Initially, you discuss what you know about your birth, your childhood, your family patterns, and how they may be affecting your life. Your Facilitator will discuss with you your current issues from the perspective of uncovering the thoughts and memories responsible for your present results. All pain and suffering is a result of these “unforgiven”, therefore non neutralized thoughts and memories. As you breath out these thoughts, turning them over to Divinity, they are neutralized and rendered harmless. You will then feel liberated from your own past, and notice incredible gratitude and joy in the present. Transmutation of negative thoughts is the main function of Liberation Breathing® from the Divine Mother. The Facilitator invokes the transmutation by also taking responsibility for these negative thoughts and memories, and asking the help of the Divine Mother through a recitation of certain prayers to Her. At the end of the session, you may share any thoughts brought up during the breathing. Your Facilitator will offer insights and affirmations to help you change your mind about your life.

A Liberation Breathing session is a powerful way to uproot subconscious blocks and once reviewed change can occur .

First we provide help and Tools to find out what subconscious thoughts are causing stress and dis-ease in your life. We provide powerful affirmation that empower the new thoughts from the old patterns revealed. Then an immersion into a consciously connected breathing practice that helps release these “memories” from the cells, and rejuvenate the body. The breathing takes approximately an hour. During that time there is an invocation of the higher Life Forces to assist in the integration of body-mind-spirit. The 108 names of the Divine Mother are read aloud and a powerful mantra will be played. The new energy then integrates and we finalize the session with a chat about the session and on going support is always offered and available.

Jane has facilitated and worked with Sondra & Markus Ray on several Loving Relationship Training and Miracle Consciousness training.

“Jane is alive with the light of God and a blessing wherever she goes. She can bring into a session whatever is needed. I totally trust her abilities. She can help you to go for your highest and best. To have a session with her, you will definitely end up superior to your previous self. Something wonderful will happen to you. She knows how to unravel coagulated thought patterns. A wonderful change will come over you.” 
– Sondra Ray

Group Breathwork Sessions

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